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Go: JHS GrammarI Can Lie

SUBMITTED BY: Marcus Heleker



GRAMMAR: 'Can' Helping verb

EXAMPLE: I can lie.

DATE ADDED: Jan 22, 2013

Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


15-30 min.

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OUTLINE: Students will make four true statements and one false statement using the helping verb "can". Then they will read their list to other students, who must listen carefully and identify the false statement.



  • Paper, pencil
  • Blank bingo card / other scorecard (optional)


  1. First, review the "can" helping verb and true/false statements.
  2. Then, without explanation, write five sentences about yourself. Then tell the students that four of the statements are true and one is false, and ask if anyone can tell which one is false.
  3.  Have students guess until they get it. Your sentences should be tricky in order to make it more fun for the kids as they guess and fail, and also show them how the activity should go.
  4. Give the students a piece of paper with space for five short sentences. Tell them to write four sentences that are true, and one that is false. Remind them to be make it difficult to guess.

Example sentences:
1. I can juggle. (T)
2. I can't eat natto. (F)
3. I can fold origami. (T)
4. I can play the drums. (T)
5. I can run 5 kilometers. (T)

5. After they have finished writing the sentences, have them read their sentences to at least 5 other students, who will have to guess the false statement.


  • If you have gone over can't, remind them that they can make a false statement from a true statement, and vice versa. If not, don't use it in your example as it will complicate things.



  • Walk around the classroom to make sure that no one is writing something like "I can study English" as their false answer. Someone will try, believe me.
  • Having a blank bingo card might make the students more excited to exchange sentences and guess, in order to finish first.

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