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If You Dare


SUBMITTED BY: Patrick Bickford

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Some random email

EDITED BY: Fiona Steele

GRAMMAR: Conditional (if), Bare Infinitive Verb (must)

EXAMPLE: If you think the Joetsu BoE is good, you must go home.

DATE ADDED: Oct 18, 2007


05-50 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students listen to conditional sentences from the ALT/JTE and the consequential action.



  • IfYouDare attachments: There are two options to choose from. Option 2 is explained in the Variations section below.
  • Fake Money: Bubbleboy / Dollars / Yen



  1. This game is played with the entire class.
  2. There are two stacks of cards: 'if' & 'must' cards.
  3. Choose an ‘if’ card and read it. The students must listen and stand up if they fall under the ‘if’ category. For example, “If you are a boy...”
  4. Once the students are standing, then you choose a card from the ‘must’ desk. The ‘must’ deck should contain half-good and half-bad cards. For example, “ must jump 15 times,” or “ must play Janken against the JTE and win."
  5. If the students can complete the ‘must’ category, they are rewarded with fake money.
  6. For some of the ‘must’ cards, there are a few “ must receive an "いらないpass card.” If a student receives one of these cards, they can use it when they don’t want to do an embarrassing ‘must’ card.



  • Instead of playing this game as a class, make groups of four, preparing the materials as necessary. Cut each ‘If/must’ into strips and put them into envelopes and give a ‘If/must’ envelope to each group.
  • This activity can be shortened or lengthened based upon your time needs.
  • Instead of making 'must' cards and randomly choosing them, simply have students choose numbers and read out the 'must' for that number.
  • Option 2: I changed up the 'must' sentences to remove the fake money from the game. This saves on prepping time speeds up the game. Also, I changed up some of the 'must' commands to make the game more interesting.



  • Find out what your students are interested in before you play this game. The first time I did this activity, I found out some of the students didn't raise their hands on some of the 'If you...' statements.



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