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I'm Going to Interview


SUBMITTED BY: Lauren Parker



GRAMMAR: Future Tense Verb (am going)

EXAMPLE:  I'm going to go to the mall.

DATE ADDED: Nov 14, 2011


30-50 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students interview one another about their plans for the week.





  1. Students write their own activity first next to the "you" column for Monday - Sunday.
  2. Once students have written their own activity, it's time to interview their friends. They must ask 7 different friends about what they are doing. To fill in the sheet, they write the friend's name by the "friend's name" column and write the action by "friend's to do." Students should not stress to write English here - of course if they can, GREAT! They can write any language because after the interview they will have the opportunity to write 10 sentences using the information from the interview.
  3. After they've completed the chart, have them return to their seats and write 10 sentences about the information they just gathered.

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