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Interested in Bingo


SUBMITTED BY: Raymond Corrigan

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Let`s Chat section of New Horizon


GRAMMAR: New Horizon's Let`s Chat (book 3)

EXAMPLE: A: Are you interested in...? B: Yes, very much!

DATE ADDED: Jan 18, 2009


15-30 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students try to get bingo by asking about other student`s interests.



  • InterestedInBingo  handout: The attachment has two bingo sheets on one page.



  1. After handing out a bingo sheet to each student, demonstrate how to play with the JTE on the blackboard.
  2. Students walk around, find a partner and question each other:
    • A: "Are you interested in...?" (Do you like...? / I hear you like...)
    • "Yes, very much." (Yes, a little. / No.)
  3. If B responds "Yes, very much." Student A draws a cross through the interest. If B responds "Yes, a little." Student A draws half a cross through the interest (e.g. "/"). If B responds "No." Student A does not draw anything. NOTE: Two half crosses (e.g. "/" + "\") from different students on the same interest make one full cross. Four crosses in a row make one bingo.
  4. A and B reverse roles, do the dialogue again, then find new partners.



  • Students play Janken with their partner and only the winner gets to ask a question.



  • Tell students to be honest!
  • Give stickers and/or applause to students with the most bingos.


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