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Jump Thru Hoops


SUBMITTED BY: Patrick Bickford



GRAMMAR: Review (grade 1, 2, 3)


DATE ADDED: Nov 29, 2007


Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)ÓHuge Classes (40+ Students)ÔBad/Misbehaved ClassesÕ




35-50 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students have to complete a series of seven puzzles in order to figure out the secret sentence.



  • JumpThruHoops attachment: 01/ 02



  1. This activity is pretty self-explanatory. Hand out the worksheet and answer any questions the students might have. This following answers are for Version 01.
  2. Puzzle #1: Color Crossword:
    • Students answer the crossword questions and match up the symbols from the puzzle below it. The secret word is WE.
    • DOWN
      • 1) はんたい means opposite. The answer is white. 3) Black 5) 虹 or にじ means rainbow. 7) Orange 9) Purple.
    • ACROSS
      • 2) Green 5) Red 6) Blue 8) Yellow.
  3. Puzzle #2: Word Find:
    • The grade of the student is irrelevant. If they use the appropriate textbook clue, all three textbooks should create the secret word, HAVE. NOTE: The textbook used is New Horizon, but you can easily change it to the textbook you use at school.
  4. Puzzle #3: 点-2-点:
    • 点 means dot and is pronounced, てん.
    • This dot-2-dot creates the word THE in cursive.
  5. Puzzle #4: Math Code:
    • Students must solve the math problems and correlate the numerical answers to their alphabetical counterpart.
    • Problem #3 is purposely meant to be tricky. In case you forgot basic math, in a math problem, multiplication and division is done BEFORE addition and subtraction.
    • If done correctly, they should spell out the word ANSWER.
  6. Puzzle #5: Baseball Trivia:
    • 1. Matsui’s baseball jersey’s number is fifty-five.
    • 2. Kenji was a Japanese catcher who played in the America’s Major League Baseball from 2006-09. He now plays for the Hanshin Tigers. His last name is Johjima.
    • The secret word is TO.
  7. Puzzle #6: Secret Word:
    • Simply circle all the words and the only letters leftover form the secret word YOUR.
  8. Puzzle #7: Spelling:
    • Students must look at the pictures and write ONLY the first letter of every picture.
    • This forms the secret word PUZZLE.
  9. The secret sentence is, “We have the answer to your puzzle.”
  10. Finally, the students must translate the sentence into Japanese and write it, “私(わたし)たちはあなたの難問(なんもん)の答(こた)えが分(わ)かった。"



  • Version 02:
    • PUZZLE #1: 1.) What is your name. 2.) I am happy. 3.) She wants to go home. 4.) He is a junior high school student. 5.) Emi likes studying English. 6.) How do you say 'desk' in Japanese? 7.) It is tsukue. 8.) Does Mike often listen to music? 9.) Yes, he does. 10.) end (ANSWER: uses)
    • PUZZLE #2: (QUESTION: What is baseball?) (ANSWER: sport)
    • PUZZLE #3: 1.) warm 2.) November 3.) Thursday 4.) same 5.) thirteen 6.) noon 7.) penguin 8.) listening 9.) front 10.) suddenly 11.) second 12.) sister 13.) language 14.) building 15.) about (QUESTION: Baseball, volleyball and soccer uses this. It is round. What is it?) (ANSWER: ball)
    • PUZZLE #4: 1.) Statue of Liberty, 2.) bazaar 3.) telephone 4.) Okinawa 5.) Kyoto 6.) yunomi 7.) Mariah Carey 8.) Rachel Carson 9.) Meena 10.) Lullaby (QUESTION: "Nani" in English?) (ANSWER: what)
    • PUZZLE #5: 1.) Tiger Woods 2.) telephone 3.) Braille 4.) Hiromi Edo 5.) Luigi 6.) Jero 7.) Naruto 8.) Patrick 9.) Hello Kitty 10.) Superman (QUESTION: What was Doraemon's original color?) (ANSWER: yellow)
    • PUZZLE #6: 1.) say 2.) leave 3.) hear 4.) swam 5.) ate 6.) sang 7.) speak/talk (both are okay) 8.) make 9.) come 10.) saw 11.) mean 12.) fall 13.) understand 14.) break 15.) having (ANSWER: a)
    • MAKE A QUESTION: What sport uses a yellow ball? ANSWER: tennis

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