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Go: JHS GrammarLet's Go Shopping




GRAMMAR: Sunshine LPLC: 4 / Shopping

EXAMPLE: "Can I help you?" / "How much is it?"

DATE ADDED: Jan 22, 2014

Large Classes (16-39 Students)ÓHuge Classes (40+ Students)Ô


15-30 min.

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OUTLINE: Students role-play as Shop Clerk and Customer. (Designed specifically for Sunshine 1 Speaking 4)



  • Let's Go Shoppingattachment (Includes worksheet and clothes cards.)
  • Fake money (Optional)


  1. Greet class .
  2. Model the conversation/role-play with the JTE. (Props help but aren't needed.)
  3. Practice new vocabulary and phrases. (Play a vocab game if time permits)
  4. Practice the dialogue with the students. Read/repeat two times. Then Roleplay with the class as a whole.
  5. Distribute the worksheet and explain:
  6. Part 1: Students choose one piece of clothing to buy.
  7. Part 2: Students write the name/color of the clothing they want and the price in the spaces provided.
    (Because the conversation on the worksheet is slightly different from the text it is good to have the students practice reading/speaking it a couple times to make sure they understand.)
  8. Part 3: Students go "shopping".

a. Pass out 3-5 clothing cards to each student on one half of the classroom. Pass out some fake money to the other half.
b. Students with clothing cards remain in their seats while the students with money walk around searching for the clothing of their choice.
c. If the Student/Store Clerk has the article of clothing, he/she should sell it and sign the Student's/Customer's worksheet.
d. If the Student/Store Clerk doesn't have the desired article of clothing he/she says "I'm sorry. I don't have it." and the students part ways.
e. Give the student 5-7 minutes depending on class size.
f. Next, have the students switch roles and repeat the exercise.


  • Ask the Student/Store Clerks at the end of each shopping session who collected the most money to make a challenge out of it.


  • Students can get carried away with collecting money and lose focus.
  • Rather than give the students exact change, consider giving them a single money note to represent the cost for the purchase.



  • I would greatly appreciate some constructive criticism!

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