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SUBMITTED BY: Steven Walton



GRAMMAR: Self Intros

EXAMPLE: Hello my name is...

DATE ADDED: Feb 19, 2013

Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


20-25 min.

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OUTLINE: This is a speaking activity I use at the end of my first year JHS introduction lesson. The students have to introduce themselves to their friends, ALT and JTE.





  1. This activity takes about 20 minutes and requires the students to interview their friends and find out what they like.
    This is a follow on from a self introuction. The warm up for my self introduction lesson is always students vs teacher janken. After this I introduce myself in English and tell the students my likes and dislikes. This acts as an introduction to the worksheet.
  2. Have the students write their name and class and then fill out the likes on the worksheet for the first part.
  3. ALT and JTE show them how to do the activity at the bottom together.
  4. First Janken, with the loser having to start the conversation as A and the winner being B.
  5. Use the 'likes' from the first part for this example as it gives a sense of continuity and the students can hear the grammar point with the same 'likes' numerous times.
  6. After you have demonstrated the model conversation swap worksheets with the teacher and ask them to sign the 'start' square on the interview track at the bottom, while you sign the teachers sheet.
  7. The students have to collect 10 signatures, to get to the end of the track, and if possible 1 from each teacher. I reward them with stickers if they do this. 


  • Beware of the students just making one giant line in front of the ALT.
  • Tell them to try to speak to 5 boys and 5 girls to mix it up a little as well.

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