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SUBMITTED BY: Karmen Hvalec


EDITED BY: Kelsey Weeks

GRAMMAR: Review Game (grade 1, 2, 3)


DATE ADDED: Feb 08, 2012


    Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)ÓHuge Classes (40+ Students)Ô


35-50 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE:   Students get a chance to practice speaking and interacting with ALT/JTE by challenging their quick response to random questions.





  1. Students make two lines, one in front of the ALT and one in front of the JTE.
    2. Students are asked random question from the worksheet. If they respond within 15 seconds and answer correctly they get a sign/stamp from ALT/JTE.
    3. Student than goes to the back of the line and waits for his/her next turn.



  • You can change the type of the questions by flipping through the textbook to review grammar structures they have learned and use it at any point during the school year.
  • You can race lines between ALT and JTE.
  • Have a race between girls and boys.
  • Make it a one man competition and have them race to see who can finish it first.
  • Have them change lines after each question, so this way they also get to talk to both ALT and JTE.
  • All these variations really depend on the classroom atmosphere.



  • The game is called “Machine Gun Talk” for a reason. Students must respond to the questions just like bullets (bang! bang! bang!)!
  • The best way is to explain the game to the students by acting it out with the JTE.
  • Prepare some simple questions for the ALT and JTE to use to demonstrate the game.
  • Make sure you tell the students to go to the end of the line after answering the question.
  • Push the desks towards both sides of the class, so that you have a big space in the middle where they can easily make 2 lines.
  • After asking a question to the student, give him/her 15 seconds to respond. Counting down makes it a lot more exciting.
  • In case they don`t respond or they give you a wrong answer make a mark in the “sign area” next to that question, and ask the student the same question again later on.
  • I would ask the student, who wasn`t able to respond earlier, the same question again and another question on top of it. This way the slow students also get a chance to score the same amount of points as anyone else.
  • Let students know that all that time waiting in line is not for playing games but rather time that should be spent talking to their friends about the questions and figuring out how to answer.
  • As for the BONUS part, that`s where all the fun really begins…..let them know they can do bonus in pairs, groups etc. I would also increase point numbers when they would do a great job or sing in a loud voice etc…
  • Make sure to announce that from now on it`s the bonus time to all the students. Give about 15 minutes for the bonus time.



  • This activity works great! Even students who are usually reluctant to participate, are eager to come and talk to the ALT and JTE.
  • When it comes to the bonus part it`s much more fun if they do it in pairs or groups. I usually let them make their own groups or pairs.

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