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Go: JHS GrammarMad Libs! Momotaro

SUBMITTED BY: Cheryl Schlitter

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Mad Libs story telling games.


GRAMMAR: Verb - Passive Voice

EXAMPLE: Momotoro was found inside a peach by an old man and woman.

DATE ADDED: Jul 04, 2014

Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)ÓHuge Classes (40+ Students)Ô


50 min.

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OUTLINE:Students choose words for various categories, then use their choices to make a Momotaro-inspired Mad Libs story.



  • MadLibsMomotaro attachment
  • English dictionaries (optional, but very helpful)



  1. Get the students into their lunch groups.
  2. Hand out Part 1 of the worksheet, explain the different categories, and explain that they must decide on words for each category as a group (as well as choose a number from 1-4)
  3. Once a group has finished filling out the categories in Part 1, hand out Part 2 and have them fill in the blanks.
  4. Have students translate their stories into Japanese (use the blank space at the bottom of Part 1).
  5. Give the groups time to read over their stories, and then have groups present their (often nonsensical) stories to their classmates.
  6. Students vote for the funniest group after all presentations are finished.



  • For higher level classes, you could have them complete their stories individually, and then choose a few to present to the class.



  • Make sure students understand that this is a creative activity, and that the stories they create might not always (and actually probably won't) make sense.
  • When having them present, you can divide the story so that each student reads one or two sentences.
  • It might also be helpful to have the JTE confirm the meaning of the stories in Japanese, or have the groups present their translated versions as well.
  • You can award a prize (stickers, extra points, etc.) to the funniest group.



  • Sometimes students will change their answers after receiving Part 2.
  • This activity could take more than one class period to complete, especially if you use other warm-up games/activities.

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