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SUBMITTED BY: Richard Beniot



GRAMMAR: NH's Speaking Plus 3 (grade 1)

EXAMPLE: We are planning a party.

DATE ADDED: Mar 24, 2010


    Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


50 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: This is a 3-step Speaking Plus activity to add structure to the Speaking Plus 3 area of first grade textbook. Enables students to produce their own dialogue in the end. 



  • MarioDinner worksheet: Four pages, including score sheet
  • New Horizon grade 1 textbook



  1. Begin with the dialogue from the textbook. First, have the students listen to the ALT/JTE do the dialogue, then have the students repeat after you.
  2. After handing out the worksheet, students complete Part 1 by translating the Japanese phrases into English. Depending on the skill level of your class, you can grant them access to the textbook.
  3. Then, move to Part 2. Students complete the dialogue using the information in the picture on their worksheet.
  4. Part 3 wraps up the lesson by having the students create their own Speaking Plus dialogue.



  • This activity can be made into a two-part class with the attached score sheet. During the second class students take turns presenting their dialogue in front of the class while their peers use the score sheet to grade them. However, before using the score sheet, run the idea past your JTE. In my experience, the JTE opted for the two-part class with the peer scoring as it gave them extra marks to pad student grades, but you can never be too careful.



  • It may be common sense but don't forget to walk around the class and help the students create their dialogues as opposed to just taking a seat at the front of the class and chillin' out.

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