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Go: JHS GrammarMay I Ask You a Favor


SUBMITTED BY: Richard Benoit



GRAMMAR: New Horizon's Speaking Plus 1 (book 2)

EXAMPLE: May I ask you a favor?

DATE ADDED: Mar 23, 2010


    Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


30 min. +

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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students fill-in-the-blanks of their worksheets, and then ask each other favors. 





  1. Go over the original dialogue in the textbook. Listen and repeat, check meaning etc... and then hand out the worksheet.
  2. Part 1: Have the students make pairs. Explain they can use the words from the Toolbox to complete Part 1.
  3. Part 2: Students make their original Speaking Plus. Illustrate how they can just change the bracketed words from the Toolbox to make a completely original and sometimes outrageously ridiculous Speaking Plus: "I don't have a pen. May I use yours?" or "I don't have a dog. May I use yours?" The crazier, the better.



  • Couple it with the score sheet and make it a two-part class. During the second period, have each student use the score sheet to evaluate their peers.



  • These are basic worksheets to foster creativity and flexibility. They are by no means the entire lesson. Go ahead and add your individual teacher's touch and use the worksheet anyway you feel fit.



  • Beware of the student who comes up with bizarre sentences: "I don't have a mom. May I use yours?" Awkward!!

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