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Go: JHS GrammarMystery Burger Please




GRAMMAR: Program 3 Speaking

EXAMPLE: I'll have a hamburger please.

DATE ADDED: Nov,13, 2013

Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


50+ min.

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OUTLINE: Students learn how to order various fast food items then customize their own dialogue to practice with their friends. 




  1. Hand out the sheets and go over the menu.
  2. After going through it and listing prices, you ask the students what food they like:
    'I like french fries. I'LL HAVE french fries" The choices you make, just happen to match the textbook (Surprise!)
    Do this with the JTE, and make choices from the menu; 2 things to eat and a drink.
    (Mystery burger is the cheapest, but you need some flash cards for steak, worm burgers things like that)
  3. The students then write their choices and calculate their bill, and you ask 1 or 2 of them what they want and reveal the mystery burger. (something good)
  4. Go through the role play with the JTE/ volunteer. The students listen the 1st time. If you want use flash cards to show your order. Students then repeat and tell you the meaning.
  5. They write out their conversation, and in pairs they practice it.
  6. They then race to practice with as many people as they can, getting the signature of their partner. Award stickers or some prizes for the best students.
  7. You repeat the explanation ,but this time you have money (2 bills), and it isn't enough (2 dollars)
    Ask the students what you can get, and choose mystery meat and cheapest things you can.
  8. Hand out fake money to the students, they janken- winner goes first And they have to order.
  9. Reveal fake mystery meat a second time and make it something nasty.


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