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SUBMITTED BY: Christina Wong

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Carolyn Graham's Jazz Chants, Old and New


GRAMMAR: 3rd Person Pronoun

EXAMPLE: She likes volleyball.

DATE ADDED: Apr 07, 2008


    Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


05-10 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: This is a jazz chant to the melody of Frere Jacques. The melody is catchy and known among Japanese students so it is a good and short activity to introduce or review the third-person verb tense.



  • CD playing melody (or just your voice)
  • Lyric handout for student - you can copy the lyrics below to make a worksheet.



  1. Hand out the lyrics to each student.
  2. Play or sing the song and the students follow along or join in. In my case, I had to sing the song for my students because the lyrics didn't match the CD. I changed the verbs to plurals and present tense.
  3. Below is the lyrics to the jazz chant to the melody of "Frere Jacques":



He speaks English.
He speaks English.
So does she.
so does she.

He listens to music.
He listens to jazz chants.
So does she.
So does she.


He speaks Spanish.
He speaks Spanish.
So does she.
So does she.

He watches soccer.
He likes to play soccer.
So does she.
So does she.


He speaks Russian.
He speaks Russian.
So does she.
So does she.

He gets up at seven.
He goes home at seven.
So does she.
So does she.




  • You can add variation by dividing the students into groups. First group starts singing, and have second group join in the singing from the top when first group reaches half of first verse (at "He listens to music").



  • Play/sing the song once. If the lyrics contain unfamiliar words, teach the words before you start of activity. Have the students join in with the singing after first round.

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