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Opinion Walk


SUBMITTED BY: Kristin Foxworth


GRAMMAR: Opinion

EXAMPLE: Do you think baseball is interesting?

DATE ADDED: Nov 15, 2011


15 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students walk to different sides of the room to show their opinions.



  • OpinionWalk attachment
  • Two signs, one for each side of the room. The first should say, "I think so too/I hope so too/I know so too." The second should say, "I don't think so/I don't hope so/I don't know that." (not included in the attachment)



  1. Give students the worksheet to complete first. They should answer each question honestly, as there is no right or wrong answer. Since my worksheet has my name and my JTE's name, you should change those sentences to something about yourself and your JTE, or something else.
  2. When students have completed the worksheet, have students stand for the opinion walk.
  3. The AET says a statement and asks what the students think about it. For example, "I think baseball is interesting. What do you think?" Students who agree should go to the side of the room labeled "I think so, too." Students who disagree should go to the side of the room labeled "I don't think so."
  4. Ask each side of the room the question. "Do you think baseball is interesting?" Students then yell out either, "Yes, I do!" or "No, I don't!"
  5. Repeat this process with each question from the worksheet.
  6. When this is done, students can write their own "I think" sentences.


  • When explaining the activity, model the instructions with the JTE. I waited to post the signs until we were about to start the activity, so students could see me walking to each side of the room to express my opinion.
  • Change the worksheet to include things the students in your class care about. I've got some sumo fans in mine, so Hakuho (a famous sumo wrestler) is on my worksheet. Make the sentences things your students actually have opinions about (and differing opinions, at that, so that the whole class does not end up on one side of the room). 



  • Note that this activity uses think, hope, and know. Since those are in the Your Turn section of New Horizon, my JTE wanted to include them. You can alter the activity so that it only has think questions if you prefer.

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