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Otoshimono Bingo


SUBMITTED BY: Nicholas Hallsworth


GRAMMAR: NH's Speak+ 1-1

EXAMPLE: Is that your egg?

DATE ADDED: Oct 26, 2011



15-30 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: Otoshimono literally translates as "dropped thing." Students perform roleplays to practice a lost-n-found dialogue in the textbook whilst playing Bingo.



  • OtoshimonoBingo attachments: One worksheet for each student. There is also an attachment of pictures that need to be printed, cut laminated and cut.



  1. After giving one worksheet to each student, have the students choose 12 lost items (otoshimono) and write them in the Bingo grid.
  2. Students make pairs. One from each pair comes to the front and charges one card. The cards are turned face down on the table at the front.
  3. The pair use the item on the card with the dialogue in the textbook (New Horizon1 p40-41). For example, not "Is that your change?" but "Is that your egg?" or "Is that your koala?"
  4. 5-10 minutes to practice in pairs.
  5. Student pairs come to the front and perform their roleplay.
  6. Other students listen and mark the items off on the BINGO card. 3 items together = BINGO!


  • Go through the dialogue before playing the game and practice the pronunciation well.



  • The pair shouldn't show what item they are using so the other students have to listen carefully to get a bingo.

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