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BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Englipedia's Want Me to Janken


GRAMMAR: NH's Speaking Plus 3 (Hospital Language)

EXAMPLE: I feel like someone is hitting my head with a hammer.

DATE ADDED: Apr 21, 2009





35-50 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students learn how to describe their symptoms by playing Janken games.



  • Ouch attachment: One A4 worksheet for each student, and A3 worksheet for each group.



  1. Teach students ways to describe their symptoms and how painful they feel. For example, "I have a headache. I feel like someone is hitting my head with a hammer" or "My head hurts like someone is hitting it with a hammer," etc. If necessary, review phrases and sentences on the worksheet with students before the game to ensure understanding.
  2. In their group, students work together to describe their symptoms.
  3. Similar to the Englipedia's Want Me to Janken game, the first student from each group goes to the ALT/JTE with a symptom. The student tells the ALT/JTE the problem, and then the student and ALT/JTE play Janken.
  4. If the student wins, the ALT/JTE can respond with "oh no, maybe you should rest" or "maybe you should go to the doctor", etc. and then sign the A3 worksheet. Then, the next student goes to the ALT/JTE with the next symptom. If the student loses, s/he goes back to the group and the next student replaces him/her and goes to the ALT/JTE with the same symptom and repeats the process.
  5. The first group to finish wins the game.



  • Modify the worksheet to suit students' English ability. For lower level classes, change the sentences to "I have a headache. It is painful." etc. For higher level classes, have students explain in details, for example, "I have a headache. I feel like someone is hitting it with a hammer. It has been hurting since yesterday."


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