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Owner & Pet


SUBMITTED BY: Raegina Taylor

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: The blue folder on my desk


GRAMMAR: 'Be' Helping Verb

EXAMPLE: I am a teacher.

DATE ADDED: Apri 13, 2008




15-30 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students use the grammar and information cards to make pairs and find their pet or owner.



  • Owner&Pet worksheet: Cut the squares and give one to each student.



  1. Hand out the worksheet with the matched pairs. Go through and practice the names of the pets and owners.
  2. Write up the grammar on the board. There are two options for the dialogue:
    • "Are you Ms Green?"  "Yes, I am."  "No, I’m not."
    • "I’m Ms. Green."  "Are you my cat?" 
      "No, I’m not."  "Yes, I’m your cat!"
  3. Hand out one card per student. Students are one person or animal looking for their owner or pet. Students make pairs and janken for who goes first. Students follow the dialogue.
  4. If the answer is no, students sign the box of who they are. If a matched pair is found, it is an automatic point or sticker.
  5. Use the signatures also as a tally for bonus points. Maybe five signatures equals a point or sticker.



  • Use a guided movement pattern to ensure students are talking to a variety of people in the class.
  • To mix it up, make all the boys an owner and all the girls a pet, which means that they must talk to each other.


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