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Go: JHS GrammarPaper Janken

SUBMITTED BY: Alyssa Godfrey



GRAMMAR: Question, 'Which'

EXAMPLE: Which is your favorite, pizza or tacos?

DATE ADDED: Dec 04, 2013

Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)ÓHuge Classes (40+ Students)Ô


10 min.

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OUTLINE: Students practice asking and answering "Which is your favorite, A or B?" (or which do you like?) and play janken. Except they don't get to choose rock, scissors or paper. Their choice between two items will determine their fate.



  • PaperJankenattachment: At least triple the number of cards as you have students. Please use the attached document to make as many copies of the cards as you need and cut them out. There's also a set of 3 A4 sized cards to demonstrate.


  1. Give each student one card. The cards each have 2 objects on them and hands making janken signs. Hand them out upside down and tell students not to look at them when you are handing them out. After they are all passed out, students may look at their own card, but not their neighbor's. They are secret!
  2. Students walk around the room and find partners. They ask their partners the target question accoriding to the words on their card: "Which is your favorite, pizza or tacos?" (for example)
     The coversation should go like this:
    S1: Which is your favorite, pizza or tacos?
    S2: Pizza is.
    S2: Which is your favorite, Rilakkuma or Hello Kitty?
    S1: Hello Kitty is.
  3. Then S1 will show S2 the pizza side of his/her card and S2 will show S1 the Hello Kitty side of his/her card. The janken sign that goes with that picture will determine the winner. So if S1's pizza card has rock and S2's Hello Kitty card has paper, then S2 wins.
  4. These two students separate and find new partners to try again.
  5. Play until a timer goes off.
  6. The goal is to collect as many cards as you can.


  • Students are always confused about what to do if they have more than one card in their hands. Make sure to show them in the demo that they should simply choose one of their cards to have the conversation with, and they can't change cards in the middle of the coversation because they don't like the result.


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