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Passive Picture Guess


SUBMITTED BY: Raegina Taylor

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Akemi Wellington-Oguri

EDITED BY: Tatyana Safronova

GRAMMAR: Passive Verb

EXAMPLE: Braille is used by many people.

DATE ADDED: Jan 08, 2008


Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó




15-30 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students race to explain the pictures using the grammar point.





  1. Do an example of the game on the board with JTE.
  2. Students make groups of four and are given a worksheet. Have them decide on an order of the next student to come and say the sentence and get a new card.
  3. Each group gets a card, which has a close-up difficult to recognize photo on it, or you can simply affix the pictures on the chalkboard.
  4. The pictures are numbered 1-12 on the back of the card. Each group gets a card, has to identify what the object is and write another line about it.  For example, "This is a picture of chalk. It is used by my teacher every day in class." As they finish they come to the ALT and exchange for a new card by saying the sentences.
  5. Groups get points according to when they finish (5,4,3,2,1) and how good the sentences are (3,2,1). Make sure you keep track of who finishes first etc
  6. The pictures on the worksheet are as follows (starting from the upper-left):
    water bottle cap, CD, koala, shoe bottom, DS Lite, scissors, coffee creamer container, chalk, newspaper, coffee mug, telephone, keyboard.


  • Some students will fall behind. Ask the JTL to help keep track of them. Mix up the ability levels of the groups as well to combat this.
  • The higher the level, the quicker they will get through the cards. Add or subtract as necessary.

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