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Past Tense Dice Game



BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Lanternfish (formerly, Bogglesworld)


GRAMMAR: Past Tense Verb

EXAMPLE: I studied English last night.

DATE ADDED: May 25, 2008




15-30 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: This is a board/dice game that practices the irregular and regular paste tense verbs. Students make one sentence each time they land on a square.





  1. Review the past tense forms of verbs by handing out worksheet #2 to the students and have them write the past tense verbs.
  2. Then, split the class up into pair or small groups and pass out the game boards and practice 
    time expressions (last Monday, last year, etc). 
    Explain that for each time they land on a square they will make a sentence using the past tense of the word and add a time expression, found on the board.
  3. Encourage them to make realistic sentences so that they have to think about the meaning of the words.
  4. They can use their own game pieces: erasers, pen caps, etc.
  5. Hand out the dice and let them play.



  • If you want to practice writing, use the backside of worksheet #2.  Every time the students land on the square, they take notes in the 'memo' area of the worksheet.  Then, when they finish the game, whatever squares they landed in, they must write past tense sentences to match.


  • For low level students, some may want to skip out on saying the full sentence. Encourage the other students to help them out so they can finish their turn without much fuss.

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