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Pirates of the Caribbean



EDITED BY: Beth McElmoyle

GRAMMAR: Directions

EXAMPLE: Could you tell me the way to...

DATE ADDED: Nov 07, 2007




15-30 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students choose 2 locations on the map and make a set of directions. Then students interview each other and find the hidden message.



  • PiratesOfTheCaribbeanHunt worksheets: There are three -- HiddenWordCards, Map and Worksheet (all in the one file). Create a hidden message (possibly 5-6 words) and write each word on a hidden word card. Then make copies of the word card sheet, cut them out and give each student a card. Be sure to remind students not to show other students their hidden words.



  1. Each student will choose a starting point (A, B or C) and a destination (flag, ship, pirate, money, or skull).  Then students will write a set of directions from the starting point to the destination.
  2. Students will ask as many people as necessary to find the hidden words (each student should have at least one hidden word).
  3. Student A will ask for the direction to the student B’s picture and then guess the destination accordingly. If student A guesses the correct destination, student B must share the hidden word. If student A guesses the wrong destination, student B doesn't share the hidden word.
  4. When students find all the hidden words, they will put the words together and find the hidden message.



  • Turn this into a competition so that the first group or student to find the hidden message wins the game.
  • Create a scenario before the game starts. Tell students that they are Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) or Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) and they are trying to save Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) from the pirates. May the first person or group to find the hidden message save the day!



  • The point of this game is to find the hidden message before the other students. Make sure to tell students not to lie about their chosen place and to make the set of directions interesting.
  • There might not be enough time in class for students to find all the words to form the hidden message.  If this is the case, form groups where students will only need to ask students in their group. Or give each row of students the same word so that they know who shares the same word and who doesn't.
  • Teachers should have all the words so students can interview the teachers and get the missing words.



  • Students will tend to cheat by not asking for directions or not guessing and go straight to retrieving the hidden word. To ensure that students have to ask directions at least once, give points to students who ask the ALT/JTE (if there is a point system in the class). Or give a hidden word only to the teachers so students will have to ask the teachers to find the hidden message.

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