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SUBMITTED BY: Craig Sherratt



GRAMMAR: Comparative/Superlative

EXAMPLE: Godzilla is the strongest of all the monsters.

DATE ADDED: Jan 24, 2008


    Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)ÓHuge Classes (40+ Students)Ô


35-50 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: This fun card game uses Pokemon Top trumps to excite the students to practice and understand comparative and superlatives.



  • PokemonTopTrumps: Craig's / Merran's  (Cut out the cards from the card sheets.)



  1. After putting the students into groups of four, g
    ive each student eight different cards. There are 32 cards in total on the card sheets.
  2. Have students look at their cards but keep their friends from seeing them.
  3. The ALT then says, “The strongest card wins!”
  4. The ALT then counts ”3, 2, 1, go!” All the students slap down their cards. The student who put down the card with the strongest ability wins all the cards. All the cards that the student won are then put in a pile not to be used again. The ALT then says a different comparative / superlative and the game starts again. Keep going, using different variations until the students have used up all their cards or until time runs out or it becomes boring.



  • Change what you say to use comparatives, i.e. “the stronger cards wins”. Have students decide their own, so the winner of the previous round says “the strongest” and then they put down cards.
  • Merran's cards have the character names in the romaji versions of the original Japanese, because It is more important to focus on the grammar point than to worry about pronouncing problems and confusion over the more difficult / unfamiliar  English names.


  • How do you get a 1,000 Pichachus on a bus? (see bottom of page for answer)



  • Students get a tad excited so make sure you grip them hard, don’t let anything slide! Grip them!!!

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