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SUBMITTED BY: Jeremy Thorn


GRAMMAR: Directions

EXAMPLE: First turn left at Green street.

DATE ADDED: July 06, 2009


    Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


35-50 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: Use the PowerPoint presentation to teach students how to give and recieve directions.



  • PowerpointDirections attachments: 
  • Projector, Laptop, Extention cord, Magnetic screen or large paper to mount to the chalkboard as a screen, Microsoft's PowerPoint and magnets.



  1. After passing out the worksheets, teach the first slides with the JTE using standard listen and repeat techniques. Be sure each are translated by someone. When you get to the conversation, act it out with the JTE. Then, have the students repeat the conversation line-by-line. This all seems very boring (it will be for you) but it works and it gets all of the students to speak. Then the fun part comes.
  2. Change to the map slide. Put a magnet on one of the letters and ask the JTE how to get to one of the locations on the map. As the JTE gives you directions, move your magnet exactly as they instruct you even if they make mistakes. If you run into a wall or building make a crashing noise. When you arrive at your destination switch roles and give the magnet to the JTE. They will act out the directions you give them.
  3. Get the students to try. Get them to follow your directions or have them give directions to you. The magnet must move with the directions. You should be able to get through about 7 students.
  4. Finally, divide the students into groups. Explain that you will give directions to a secret location. Tell them to start at one of the letters or buildings. Then begin giving directions. Start with easy ones and move on to more difficult and even ridiculous directions. They can follow along with their fingers on their worksheets. Have each group write down the secret location and award points to the correct groups.


  • Have an alternate plan in case your equipment fails. GO TO THE CLASS AND SET UP EARLY.
  • Get into the classroom early and set everything up.  Don't bore these kids by setting up when the bell rings.
  • Review this lesson with the JTE before you get to class to ensure you are both on the same page.


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