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SUBMITTED BY: Carlee Miller / Mark Best / Pierre Dupuy


GRAMMAR: Reduced Relative Clause

EXAMPLE: This is a book (that) I bought in the United States.

DATE ADDED: Mar 24, 2010


    Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


30-40 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students show their group five things and describe each.



  • PrizedPossessions attachments:
    • Carlee's: One for each student. There are two types of worksheets. The second one is to incorporate betting into the activity.
    • Mark's: Update to original worksheet.
    • Peirre's
  • Five things the students need: eraser, textbook, notebook, pen, pencil, sissors, etc.



  1. Students choose five things they currently have with them to write about.
  2. Using the worksheet provided, students write one sentence about each of their objects.
  3. After finishing writing the sentences, the students get into small groups of 2-4 students and do a show-n-tell of their five objects.



  • Attached is also an alternate version of this activity that involves betting. When students create their sentences, they can write true/false false sentences. The other students in their group have to guess whether a statement is true/false and make a wager.
  • The betting variation adds some time to the activity, but also some excitement.
  • Pierre's Version:
    • My original idea was to bring in 40 trinkets of mine from home, for example, 5 old video game cases, magazines etc.
    • Then, I put the students into lunch groups and then give out X number of items per table, enough so each person has at least 1 item.
    • As for the writing practice, students must make 5 sentences about the items on their table using 5 different verbs.
    • After everyone is finished, each student will take an item and talk about their item with another student from a different lunch group. After they ask and answer about the item, they will return to their groups with new items and then write 5 new sentences. You might have them talk and exchange 2 or 3 times.



  • To introduce the activity and show how it is done, I showed the students five of my own objects that I had formulated sentences for and showed them to the class while reading my sentences. Students had to guess if the statement was true or false. You can try to make it interesting by bringing in objects that you got/found in an unbelievable way.
  • If you find any gaps or mistakes with this activity, or any way it can be improved upon, please leave a comment so that it can be more useful in the future. A negative rating without feedback makes it hard to understand where the activity can be improved. Thanks in advance!


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