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BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: The TV game show, Jeopardy


GRAMMAR: Relative Pronoun

EXAMPLE: Carson is the scientist who wrote Silent Spring.

DATE ADDED: Feb 24, 2008


    Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


15-30 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students practice understanding the grammar points by playing Jeopardy.





  1. Divide the class into groups. Allow each group to create a group name.
  2. Draw a grid on the board – give each column a category and each row an alphabet. Students choose the question by saying the category and an alphabet. For example, “Textbook People B,” teacher will know that the student chooses the 2nd question from the “Textbook People” category. Erase the alphabet when the question is answered.
  3. Have one student from each group play janken and the winner will be the first to choose a topic. Teacher can decide on which group should pick the next question. Teacher can consider using the clock rotation method or the group who answers the question gets to be the next picker.
  4. When a group picks a category, the teacher reads the answer and any group answer by stating the question. (see worksheet for example). However, only the group’s representative can answer the question but the teammates can help. To prevent the same student from answering all the questions, have students in the group rotate to be the representative.
  5. Each question is worth 10 points or however many points the teacher decides to use. However, it is best to pick a number and stick with it throughout the game. This way the team that answers most of the questions wins the game instead of rewarding the team that answers 1 question that is worth a lot of points.


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