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BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Englipedia`s Company Game


GRAMMAR: Present Continuous

EXAMPLE: I am looking for a flashlight

DATE ADDED: May 25, 2008


    Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


15-30 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINEStudents learn to buy what is necessary for their Mt. Fuji camping trip.



  • SchoolTrip worksheet: One for each student and answer card for each group. For the answer cards, make sure each group only receives the prices to the items they should know.
  • Fake Money: Bubbleboy / Dollars / Yen



  1. Explain scenario to students. Make sure students understand the scenario otherwise they will end up buying a lot of unnecessary things and lose the game.
    • Teachers read the scenario and ask for understanding.
    • Listening Practice: ALT & JTE will read the dialogues (A & B). A will be the store clerk and B will be the customer in this case.
    • Then teachers will check for understanding by having students translate the phrases into Japanese. The translations can be in a group or individual work. For shy class, reward students who try to translate.
      • First dialogue:
        • A: Hello, what are you looking for?
        • B: Hello, I’m looking for a pen.
        • A: (持っている)How about this one?  
        • B: How much is it?
        • A: It is 2,000 yen.
        • B: Ok, thank you.
      • Second dialogue:
        • A: Hello, what are you looking for?
        • B: Hello, I’m looking for a pen.
        • A: (持っていない) Sorry, I don’t have one.
        • B: Ok, thank you.
    • Each student has answers to 3 items. Their goal is to find out how much the other items cost. Remind students that this is a speaking practice activity so speak in English only!
    • If student A asks student B how much a particular item is, and student B doesn’t know the answer to that item, student B will say “sorry, I don’t have one.” Or, “Sorry, I don’t know.” However, if student B knows the answer to that particular item, then student B will answer it accordingly.
    • When students are finished with their hunt for the prices, have them sit down.
  4. PART 3: GROUP
    • Students get into group and discuss what they need to buy for the camping trip. Remind students that they only have \10,000.
    • Then have one student from each group writes the items on the board.
    • Teachers will decide on 4-5 items beforehand that are necessary for the Mt.Fuji camping trip. Then the group who has all or most of those items wins the game. There is a high possibility that there will be more than one winner.



  • Whether or not you want to use yen for this game is up to you. However don’t forget to change the currency value and symbol on the worksheet if you are not planning to use yen.

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