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SUBMITTED BY: Brent Badger

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Englipedia's The Hunt


GRAMMAR: Review New Horizon 2

DATE ADDED: March 16, 2010


    Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)ÓHuge Classes (40+ Students)ÔBad/Misbehaved ClassesÕ


15-20 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE:   This is a review game for New Horizon 2's textbook. Students are given questions and they must find the answers in their textbooks





  1. After dividing the students into teams, ask them to take out their New Horizon textbooks.
  2. Number the students in the teams, for example, Team 1 will have Student 1, Student 2 etc.
  3. For the first question, Student 1 from each team is responsible to give the ALT/JTE the answer. The first student to give an answer wins a point for his/her team.



    • Make the students go to one of the teachers give their answers instead of saying it from their groups.
    • After awhile reverse. Get the students to ask you questions from the textbook. If you can answer, they get point. If they stump you, they can get two points.

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