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Go: JHS GrammarSpeaking Test (grade 1)


SUBMITTED BY: Andy Webster



GRAMMAR: Review -- Grade 1, Unit 1-2 

DATE ADDED:July 05, 2010


    Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


50 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE:   This is a speaking test that reviews Grade 1's Unit1-2.





  1. After explaining the worksheet to the students, hand out the practice worksheet.
  2. Students will introduce themselves and then their friend.
  3. The ALT will ask choose one extra question to ask to each student.
  4. Students write their name and class on the test sheet and bring it to the ALT.
  5. At the end of the test, give positive feedback to the students.



        • Students could do this test in front of the class. Each student also fills out an evaluation sheet.



        • While the JTE is watches over the class, students (in pairs) meet the ALT in an interview room for the test.
        • Encourage gestures. I always get the students to take a deep breath before starting the test to relax.


        • Surprisingly, the students really enjoyed this test. They love to talk to the ALT and enjoy using gestures

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