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SUBMITTED BY: Raegina Taylor



GRAMMAR: Conditional/Subordinate Conjunction

EXAMPLE: We need parks because I need to play.

DATE ADDED: Aug 23, 2007


    Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


15-30 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE:  Students aim to complete the interview task using the grammar point.





1.  Practice the sentence structure as a class using the following sentences:  
    • I study English because…
    • I like this school because
    • I need good friends because…
2. Write up the dialogue on the board. Get the students to copy it down on their worksheet.
    • Excuse me, do you like this school?
    • Yes, I do.
    • Why do you like this school?
    • I like this school because the students are very good.
3. Students have five minutes to practice the dialogue in pairs.
4. Explain the pattern formation. Students from each second row (the red rows) stand and move according to the diagram. Play music. When the music stops, the students sit in the closest chair and interview the person next to them using the dialogue structure. For the next round, the opposite rows standup. Repeat 2 times or until it becomes boring.



    • You can alter the way the students swap partners. This method ensures that there is no ostracizing.
    • You could alter the worksheet so students have to ask one boy, one girl, a friend and a teacher. However, many students will still avoid talking to the opposite sex.


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