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Go: JHS GrammarStar Interview Skit




GRAMMAR: Present Tense Verb

EXAMPLE: I like baseball.

DATE ADDED: Mar 16, 2008


    Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


50+ min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE The students write a skit. The premise is that one student is the 'interviewer' and the other student is the 'star'.



    • StarInterviewSkit worksheet: One copy for each student.
    • Some optional and fun materials: Fake microphone/accessories, like a hat or sunglasses.



        1. Each student has a partner. It's best if they get to choose rather than being assigned so they don't become really shy.
        2. One student is the interviewer. The other student is the "star", anyone famous that all students should be familiar with (actors, actresses, singers, sports players, even fake characters). The example I used was Doraemon. The JTE and I acted out the skit (I put both sheets on a large page so they could reference it if they wanted).
        3. The actual skit they should write is completely open. I encourage them to be silly and to use words that they know, not pull stuff out of the dictionary. When they present the skits, hopefully everyone will be able to understand them.
        4. I encouraged them to ask simple questions and answer in the present tense, which reinforces what they're learning in the book. For example, "Do you like baseball?" "No, I don't. I like soccer."
        5. As the students were filling out the skits, I walked around and made corrections so they wouldn't present in front of the class with lots of errors. They took maybe 20 minutes to write the skit, 10-15 minutes to practice speaking and then the presentations  themselves took over 20 minutes, so it has to be split between to classes.
        6. I was really worried that they would be super shy when they presented but most of them were really happy to present and had a good time. Also, everyone had something to present, even the slow students. If I could do it again, I would have them try and remember the presentations and ask questions about it later to make sure they pay close attention. Using any props you have will help and make them really excited.



          • Here's an activity that I did with my 1st year students. I wanted to get them writing and speaking their own ideas in English even though they don't know much grammar or vocabulary.
          • This activity is really adaptable for higher level students as well.

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