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SUBMITTED BY: Luke Highstead / Patrick Bickford / Michelle Redler / Nicholas Hallsworth / Roger Parker



GRAMMAR: Directions

EXAMPLE: Change Trains at Namba Station

DATE ADDED:Oct 27. 2008


    Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


35-50 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE:  Students ride the subway lines while having fun with practicing directions.





  1. After splitting the class into groups of 3-5 students, hand out the student maps (colour and B&W). Also, hand out Subway Trip One to each group. Go through this trip together as a class
    Then, have one student from each group come to the front and collect Subway Trip Two. At their own pace, the groups complete the trip. Once complete, they write down the station name on their B&W map and bring their map to one of the teachers. If it is correct, they collect the next trip. There are a total of 14 trips.



  • To make this activity a tad bit harder, instead of allowing the students to bring the instructions back to their desks, make them come to the front and memorise the instructions little-by-little, and then go back to their group and explain it to their group.
  • Instead of groups, have the students work in pairs, with one person reading the instuctions, as their partner listens and follows the route on the map.
  • If groups finish early, have them try and write their own original routes.
  • Instead of separating the trips, keep them together and give each pair a handout containing all 14 trips.
  • NEW HORIZON SUBWAY Variation: (submitted by: Patrick Bickford)
  • This variation is played the same the original activity, with one small exception. I write all the names of the station on the chalkboard. When students come to directions for a certain station, they have to ask the teachers, "Could you tell me how to get to...?"
  • Changes to this variation:
    • I changed all the 'station' names to vocabulary in the New Horizon textbook (grade 3). Also, I changed the Train Line names to color names. Before each group starts the activity, they must color in the boxes and the train lines with the appropriate colors.
    • The students must complete the stations in order 1-14.
    • The teacher's copy of the map is clearly numerically labeled.
    • The Subway Trips have been slotted into a 'table' to make it easy to cut.



  • Make sure a different group member comes to answer each time, so they all practice speaking.
  • If time is short, reduce the number of cards. NOTE: Some of the trips are linked, so reduce the number of trips starting with Trip Fourteen.



  • Before this game, you may need to review the following words: north, south, east, west and subway.
  • Make sure students know how to read a subway map.


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