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GRAMMAR: Sunshine 3 Speaking 5 / Shopping

EXAMPLE: Can I help you?

DATE ADDED: Dec 04, 2013

Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


30-50 min.

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OUTLINE: A basic LP for Year 3 Speaking 5 of Sunshine.



  • SunshineShopping attachment
  • 20+ "Items Cards" with various colored/sized: "eye glasses", "socks", "gloves", and "shoes" pictured/listed.
    (Not included but optional)
  • A few pairs of shoes for the demonstration, not necessary, but certainly helpful.



  1. Greet students per usual.
  2. Do an funny/interesting demonstration of buying shoes at a shoe store.
  3. Cover the new vocabulary. (Play a vocab game if you have time.)
  4. Pass out worksheet.
  5. JTE should cover any necessary grammer and/or translating.
  6. Read, repeat, practice the dialogue with the students.
  7. Role play activity - Pass out the Items Cards to half the class. They will be customers. The other half store staff.
  8. Have the students practice the dialogue once with their partner next to them. (Assumimg your in a traditional Japanese classroom set-up where there are two desks per row.)
  9. After they've warmed up, have them stand up and give them 3+ minutes to walk around the class acting out the scanario with various students. They should exchange signatures in the signatures boxes after completeing the dialogue.
  10. Have them sit down, and pass the card to their partner, thereby switching roles from Customer to Store Staff and vice versa.
  11. Stand up and have another 3+ minutes of role play.
  12. Afterwards recognize and celebrate the students hard work. (Ask who got the most signatures out of the class if you want to make a competition out of it.)
  13. If time permits, role play with one of the braver students and/or have a couple students role play with eachother at the head of the class.



  • I teach at an exceptionally low level JHS. Thus this activity is pretty simple. (I imagine some of the more veteran teachers will be put off by how bland it seems.)
    But with high energy and a good JTE the students seem to enjoy it.
    (The numbers and lines added into/under the dialogue are for writing the Japanese translation. This was requested from the JTE. She wanted to emphasize target grammer for the test...)


If you have an updated attachment, email it to the site: admin (at) jhsenglipediaproject (dot) com


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