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BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: The failure of gap-fill activities


GRAMMAR: NC's Book 2 (p19)/NH's Multi + 1(book 3)/ question - 'How do you..."

EXAMPLE: How do you use a furoshiki?

DATE ADDED: Jul  07, 2010


    Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


20 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE:   Teams quiz each other on their knowledge of English for points in this fun, motivational speaking game.



  • SuperTeamQuiz print A/B for students
  • One blown-up print of Super Team Quiz A/B (B4 or A3 size)



  1. Each team has eight questions with the answers directly below each question. The object of this game is to quiz the other team, check on your paper if they are right or wrong, and then add up the score to see who wins!
  2. Model the activity. Three students to come to the board. One student is on your team (Team A). The other two students are Team B.
  3. Put the blown-up print of Quiz A on the board but make sure team B doesn't peek.
  4. Have your teammate read Question 1. Team B answers. Draw a large "O" in the box to the right if Team B is correct, and an "X" if they are wrong. Do the same for Question 2.
  5. Give Team B the blown-up print of Quiz B. Have them read Questions 1 & 2. Team A answers and Team B draws "O/X" in the boxes.
  6. After this short version of the game, add up the points and see who wins (or ties).
  7. Divide the class into teams of three students (preferably), and let the teams quiz each other.


  • I created this game in response to the fact that when I try to do gap-fill activities, students often just put their papers together and write the answers without saying a word of English. In this magical activity, students will actually hide the paper from the other team. Students who usually don't like English love to quiz the other team, because the "quizzer" has both the question and the answer right in front of them. Three-student teams create a great atmosphere, with teammates working together to get the right answer. 


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