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SUBMITTED BY: Steve Morris



GRAMMAR: NH's Writing +2 (book 3)

EXAMPLE: I will miss you next year.

DATE ADDED: Nov 01, 2011


    Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


35-50 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE:   A 3 part activity which helps students write a thank you card to a special teacher.



  • ThankYouCard attachment
  • Materials for making cards: construction paper, markers, etc.



  1. Before class, fill in the Part 2 match game with the Japanese subject words.
  2. The worksheet is divided into 3 parts. For Part 1, ask students to look up the adjectives in the dictionary, then choose one adjective and complete the sentence. For part 2, have the students match the Japanese and English words. After, they choose the subject of the teacher they are writing the card for and fill in the sentence blank. For the final Part 3, using one of the three example sentences as a sample, complete the sentence for themselves.
  3. Give students the materials to make their own card, using the sentences they made from Parts 1-3.



  • Challenge the more English-capable students to write one more sentence, independently. 


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