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SUBMITTED BY: Raegina Taylor

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: The folder on my desk.


GRAMMAR: Present Perfect Verb

EXAMPLE: Have you ever been to Australia?

DATE ADDED: Jun 12, 2008


    Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


15-30 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE Students practice listening to present perfect sentences while playing bingo according to questions the ALT/JTE ask.   





  1. In the bingo boxes, students write 24 numbers between 1-50.
  2. The ALT/JTE alternate between asking each other "have you ever..." questions in front of the students.
  3. Students have to read to find the question and see if it corresponds with one of the numbers they chose.
  4. From this point, you have two options. First, students can either cross out that bingo square if they wrote that number down. Second, they listen to the question and if they HAVE done the action, then they draw an O in that box. If they HAVEN'T then they draw  a X.
  5. Continue until there are some winners.


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