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SUBMITTED BY: James Hede / Stanley Dennis




EXAMPLE: What time do you ~ ?

DATE ADDED: Nov 18, 2013

Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


15-20 min.

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OUTLINE: Students ask each other questions relating to what time they do something (get up, eat breakfast, go to school, etc). Chopsticks are used to keep score.





  1. Each student receives 3 chopsticks, 1 question and 1 answer card which do not match.
  2. The students move around the class freely, and find a partner. They then play Janken, and the winner asks his question.
  3. The other student replies with their answer. If the question and answer match, then the winner receives one chopstick, and the two students trade cards. (This prevents cheating in following interviews and promotes variety) If the question and answer do not match, everyone keeps their chopsticks, but trade cards anyway.
  4. This game can be run for as long as you care to allow for it (I have never had this game fizzle out). If students lose all of their chopsticks before you choose to end the game, then you may give them additional ones.


  • Single student variation:
    The student pairs off with the teacher. The game is played with 2 sets of cards, divided into a stack of questions and a stack of answers. There should also be a pile of point tokens. The student and teacher play Janken to determine the first person to ask a question. The winner draws a question card and reads it, while the other draws an answer and replies. If they match, the winner takes a point token. The cards are put into discard piles for later reshuffling and reuse. The other player then gets to draw a question.
  • Very small class variation: (2 - 7 students)
    The students play as a normal sized class, except the winner exchanges his cards for new ones from the teacher (this is to recycle all 8 questions through the game). 


  • The attached card set consists of 8 questions and matching answers. You will need 1 question and answer for each student, so you may need to print multiple sets. You may also wish to laminate them for extra durability, since they will be trading hands a lot.

If you have an updated attachment, email it to the site: admin (at) jhsenglipediaproject (dot) com


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