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SUBMITTED BY: Elizabeth Patton



GRAMMAR: Reduced Relative Clause

EXAMPLE: This is a picture taken 70 years ago.

DATE ADDED: Sept 15, 2008


    Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


15-30 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINEStudents play the classic "Discovery" game to complete an information gap activity about the Titanic.



  • Titanic worksheet: Cut the sentences on the second page into strips.



  1. Have students form groups of 3-4 and pass out the worksheets.
  2. While they are moving desks, tape the sentences cut into strips around the wall, floor and other interesting places in the classroom.
  3. Explain that each group must have a writer, reporter and discoverer. The discoverer will go around the room, without pencil and paper, and find the missing words in their worksheet. The writer will write the answers, making sure it is spelled correctly. The reporter will come to the teachers after each answer and read the missing word or entire sentence.
  4. After the rules are understood, start the game.
  5. Make sure you check the spelling on their worksheets and make them try again if it is spelled incorrectly.
  6. Groups that finish should translate the sentences.


  • Try taping a sentence to your back for hilarious reactions. 



  • Make sure the discoverers don't cheat by bringing their paper with them! 

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