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SUBMITTED BY: Patrick Bickford 


GRAMMAR: Demonstrative Pronoun

EXAMPLE: That is Superman.

DATE ADDED: Jul 14, 2009


    Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


15-30 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE:  Because the original title of this activity was too long, I shortened the name from Demonstrative Daimeishi Dice to 'Triple D'. Daimeishi is Japanese for pronoun.  In this simple, fun yet educational dice game, students learn to string multiple sentences together using demonstrative pronouns alongside third person pronouns. 



  • 6 small pictures of famous people: One set for each pair. You need to number each of the pictures 1-6.  (not included)
  • 2 dice: One for each group. Make your own here: OPTION 1  OPTION 2
  • 6 adjectives: I used cool, sexy, famous, popular, beautiful and happy.  I wrote these adjectives on Post-It memo and passed them out to each pair.


    1. After splitting the class into pairs, give each pair a set of pictures, two dice and a Post-It memo of adjectives.  Within the pair, each student receives 3 pictures, with the Post-It memo being located in between the two students' desks. 
    2. After the pair decides which person goes first, usually by playing Janken, the first student rolls the dice.  For this example, let's say 'Desk 1' is the first student to roll.  NOTE: I colored one of the dice to match the color of the Post-It as to not confuse the role of each dice.  As you can see from the picture to the right, one bigger dice rolled a 5 while the small green dice rolled a 3.  The bigger dice is used to decide which picture the student must use, while the smaller green dice decides which adjective to use on the Post-It memo.  Number 5 is Luigi; number 3 is famous. The location of picture ALSO determines which Demostrative Pronoun (this/that) to use.  From Desk 1's perspective, the Demonstrative Pronoun that is used is "that" because Lugi is across the way from them.  'Desk 1' then proceeds to form two sentences: "That is Luigi.  He is famous."
    3. Once the two sentences are completed, have the students switch and repeat the process.
    4. Once the students get the hang of the game, have them take it up notch and add a 'free' sentence:  "That is Luigi.  He is famous.  His brother is Mario." 



    • For writing practice, have the students write the sentences they form.
    • Switch out the pictures/adjectives periodically to keep the game fresh and interesting.
    • Add multiple people to one picture for them to practice the Demonstrative Pronoun 'they'.  For example, try using SMAP, Orange Range, Greeeeen or Exile.



    • HERE



    • Use the make-your-own paper dice located in the links in the Materials Needed section.  This will keep the rolling of dice noise to a minimum. 

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