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Go: JHS GrammarTriple Triad

SUBMITTED BY: Alexander Grant

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Final Fantasy 8 Mini-Game


GRAMMAR: Comparative/Superlative

EXAMPLE: The zombie is as scary as the bird. / The zombie is scarier than the mummy.

DATE ADDED: Dec 11, 2014

Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)ÓHuge Classes (40+ Students)Ô


10-25 min.

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OUTLINE: Students make comparative and "" sentences using a variety of monster cards.





  1. Go over the grammar.
  2. Students make pairs and write 11 adjectives in the blanks (the grey areas) on the game board.
  3. Give each student 10 cards.
  4. Students play rock, paper, scissors. The winner puts down a card first, and the loser places a card adjacent to the first. Cards go in the blank white areas between the grey areas.
  5. With two cards on the board, there will be two numbers facing each other with an adjective in between. The student who placed to card with the biggest number of the two, makes a comparative sentence and gets one point. (EX: The Cactus is faster than the Dinosaur) If the number is the same, the student makes an "" sentence. (Ex: The Goblin is as silly as the Cactus)
  6. After a few cards are placed on the board, there will be multiple contact points. If a card is touching multiple cards, the students must make multiple sentences.
  7. The game continues until the board is full.



  • LOWER LEVEL: Provide a template with adjectives filled in.
  • HIGHER LEVEL: Students provide reasons for their sentence. ex. "The zombie is scarier than the bird because it is big."
  • EVEN HIGHER LEVEL: Students play without a template and make their own sentences.



  • Be sure to demonstrate with a student before playing. Students will avoid saying "" because it is more difficult to say.
  • Pre-teach the names of the monsters. Students will often say "mira" instead of "mummy" or mispronounce other words.
  • Write example sentences on the board for the students to reference.
  • Students can play multiple games on the same board as long as they shuffle the monster cards each time.



  • As with most activities, in most cases, it's much easier if the JTE fully understands the game.

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