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SUBMITTED BY: Raymond Corrigan

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Let`s Chat section of New Horizon


GRAMMAR: NH's Let's Chat - Making Comments (book 2)

EXAMPLE: I`m going to ____ this weekend. A: Lucky you. / That's too bad.

DATE ADDED: 12-17-09


                 Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


15-30 min.

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Brief Outline: Students try to get and hold onto the `plane ticket` for the country they want to go to.


Materials Needed:

  • Country cards (not included)


Detailed Explanation:

  1. After going through Let`s chat area of New Horizon's grade 2 textbook, teach the names of six countries and have the students write down the top three countries they would like to go to in order.
  2. Hand out one country card to each student and explain that these are plane tickets.
  3. Students walk around with their country card visible, find a partner and play janken. The winner is A, the loser is B.  Student B starts and says, “I`m going to...this weekend.”  If A would prefer to go to B`s country, A can say “Lucky you. (That`s nice./That sounds like fun.)”. Then, A and B switch cards.  If A doesn`t like B`s country, A can say “That`s too bad. (That`s a shame.)”. Then A and B keep their own cards.
  4. Students play for five minutes. The goal is to get and keep one of your top three countries from step 1.
  5. Check how well the students did at the end and award with applause/stickers etc.


Teaching Suggestions:

  • Some students might try to avoid playing Janken when they have the country they like. Demonstrate with the teacher that if you see them avoiding another player`s Janken they will have to switch cards with that player.
  • This activity was designed for page 73 of New Horizon's grade 2 Let's Chat section, but it can easily be used for other speaking activities.

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