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Go: JHS GrammarWally Counting Challenge


BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Englipedia's Where's Wally


EXAMPLE: I see four hamburgers.

DATE ADDED: Jun 08, 2011


                Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


15-20 min.

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Brief Outline: Students use the Where's Wally picture to answer the questions by counting the objects/people.


Materials Needed:


Detailed Explanation:

  1. After students are given the worksheet, get the JTE to explain the questions, "How many ______ do you see/have?"
  2. Read through all the questions as a class and use this opportunity to practice pronunciation of the vocabulary and identify any words that the students might not know: In Japan clowns are known as piero.
  3. If you use Powerpoint for this lesson, cover the proper answer, "I see ___ _____." If you don't use Powerpoint, it is suggested that you make a blowup copy for the students to reference. NOTE: If using Powerpoint, you might want to have the first slide on the screen while you explain the activity and while the students work on the worksheet because the worksheets won't be in colour and sometimes it's easier to make things out on the big screen.
  4. Once everyone has finished it's time to go through the answers, which is the main purpose of the powerpoint. You'll probably want to ask students what answers everyone has and just get a general idea on where all of the students landed, then go through each slide and see who was right (this is also a chance for volunteers to practice reading aloud). NOTE: My students got a bit of a kick from me reading the numbers as they popped up because at times the powerpoint is fast and there are a couple points with groups where I'd have to rush through the numbers.


Teaching Suggestions:

  • I had no problem letting my students work in pairs or groups, but you just want to make sure that they're not using the time just to talk.
  • If you're using the powerpoint and you want the activity to last longer you can do the bonus questions (they're a little harder) and then you can go through the answers again.
  • If you're using New Crown 1 then you can draw a direct comparison to lesson 4's "How many ___ do you have?"

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