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SUBMITTED BY: Raegina Taylor

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Akemi Wellington-Oguri


GRAMMAR: Infinitive Verb (S + V + I)

EXAMPLE: Do you want her to call you?

DATE ADDED: Jan 30, 2008


                       Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


35-50 min.

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Brief Outline: Students race to translate sentences using the grammar pattern.


Materials Needed: 

  • Each group of students need a blank piece of paper 


Detailed Explanation:

  1. The JTE has a list of questions in Japanese. The students work in groups of 4. One student from the group comes to the JTE and asks for question 1, the JTE tells the student who goes back and tells it to the group.
  2. The group writes down the Japanese sentence, translates it into English, and they write that down too. Then one student comes to ALT, asks the question in English and the ALT and student play Janken. If the ALT wins, they say, "no, thank you," the kid goes back to her group and the next student comes up. If the kid wins, ALT says, "yes, please," and the student has to do the action (for drinking water they actually have to go out into the hall and really drink water) and move on to the next question.
  3. Write numbers 1-14 on the board under each team's name/number and ALT erases the numbers as the groups finish each task. They must complete the task to have it erased. This lets everyone know how the rival teams are doing, makes it more competitive.
  4. Sentences: (All sentences
    are prefixed with "Do you want me to...?")
    • 私に戸を開けて欲しいですか。 the door?
    • 私に英語を話してほしいですか。 ...speak English? (have them do their self-introduction)
    • 私に本を読んでほしいですか。 a book? (have them read a page from their textbook)
    • 私にあなたの頭を触っててほしいですか。 ...touch your head?
    • 私に微笑んで欲しいですか。 smile?
    • 私に泣くいてほしいですか。 cry?
    • 私に歩いて欲しいですか。 walk?
    • 私に走って欲しいですか。 run?
    • 私に跳んで欲しいですか。 jump?
    • 私に座ってほしいですか。 sit?
    • 私に水を飲んで欲しいですか。 ...drink water? (have them go out and really get a drink)
    • 私に黒板で名前を書いて欲しいですか。 ...write my name in English on the chalkboard?
    • 私に歌って欲しいですか。 sing?
    • 私に踊って欲しいですか。 dance?


Tips or Cautions:

  • Students will refuse to do some of the actions. Remember the ijime (bullying) issues in schools, and if this is the problem at your school, maybe combat by saying TWO people must do the task.


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