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SUBMITTED BY: Patrick Bickford


GRAMMAR: Past Tense Verb/Past Progressive Verb

EXAMPLE: The book was big. / I was reading a book.

DATE ADDED: Jun 24, 2008


                Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


35-50 min.

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Brief Outline: Working in pairs, one student gives their partners past tense and past participle questions while their partners search out two pictures across the room looking for the answers. 


Materials Needed:

  • WasAndDid01: You only need one copy so it would be nice if you could print out this copy in color


Detailed Explanation:

  1. Print out the WasAndDid01 & ParkLife worksheet and hang them at the back of the classroom.
  2. Print out the WasAndDid02 worksheet and make enough copies for each pair of students in class.  Hand out the worksheet and make sure the students know who the 5 characters on their worksheets are.
  3. One student in the pair must stay seated and ask their partner the first question.  They must go to the back of the room and search for the answer on one of the two pictures.  Hint: all 'did-questions' are on the cartoon character handout, while the 'was-questions' are on the ParkLife handout.
  4. When the student finds the answer, they come back to their partner and report their findings.  For example:
    • Seated student: "Was Sponge Bob reading a newspaper yesterday?"
    • Investigative student: "Yes, he was."
  5. The seated student writes on their worksheet, "Yes, he was."
  6. This question/answer process keeps repeating until they finish with the first 5 questions and then the pair comes to the ALT/JTE for them to check to make sure their answers are correct.  For each incorrect answer, I ask the pair a question.  For example, if they Sponge Bob was reading a newspaper last week, I will ask the students a question and they must go find the answer: "When was Sponge Bob reading a newspaper?"  They must both go get the answer, come back and form the past particle sentence: "Sponge Bob was reading a newspaper yesterday."
  7. Once all the sentences are correct, the pair switches places and proceeds through the next 5 sentences.
  8. The pair continues until all the questions are answered.



  • Make sure the student reading the questions is 'reading' them, instead of having their partner reading over their shoulder.

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