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SUBMITTED BY: Andy Webster



GRAMMAR: NH's Writing+ 1 (book 2)

DATE ADDED: 07-22-10


                             Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


35-50 min.

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Brief Outline: Students race to read and write sentences and complete the passage.


Materials Needed:

  • WeekendDiary worksheet: Cut out each sentence and tape each sentence around the classroom. Also, change the worksheet to your own name and local sports centre names.


Detailed Explanation:

  1. Split the class into groups of four - two students are reporters and two students are writers.
  2. The reporters will read the sentence and report it to the writer who will write the sentence.
  3. When they have completed all the sentences they have to put it in the correct order.
  4. When students have finished this activity they have to answer the questions about the diary.
  5. Students write their own diary and write questions about it.



  • This could also been done in groups of four with the runner and writer changing after every sentence.

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