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Go: JHS GrammarWhat Do You Have

SUBMITTED BY: Becki Dobson

EDITED BY: ブリキッド

GRAMMAR: Question - What? / Verb: Present Tense

EXAMPLE: 'What do you have in your hand?'

DATE ADDED: Aug 26, 2014

Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)ÓHuge Classes (40+ Students)Ô


20-30 min.

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OUTLINE: Students walk around making pairs in a battle to figure out each other's secret identities in order to collect opponents signatures, while practicing the target grammar. (Specifically made with New Crown 2, L3 in mind - 'What do you have in your hand?'





  1. If students are not already familiar with the target grammar, take ten minutes to familiarize students with the key sentence 'What do you have in your hand/bag etc'. (Skip to number 2 if you don't need a guideline on this step).
  2. I did this by way of a short skit with the JTE. I asked her what was in her bag; she asked me what was in my hand, and initiated students to interpret what was happening. After writing the new grammar on the blackboard, we had students repeat. We then switched up the vocab with desk, pen case etc. We also introduced the phrase 'I have nothing'. Once students seemed a bit more comfortable we moved on.
  3. How to play:
    - Choose a character you will become (keep secret).
    - Play janken (rock, scissors, paper). The winner(A) asks their opponent(B) first.
         A: 'What do you have in your [bag]?'
         B: 'I have [nothing]. What do you have in your [pocket]?'
         A: 'I have [tissues]. What do you have in your [pen case]?'
         B: 'I have [many pens].'
         A: 'I see. You are [Brown].'
         B: 'Right.'
         A: 'Sign please' (B signs in the Brown character box).
    *They carry on playing until both know each others characters and have signatures.
  4. I made it so that if students got 5 signatures, they would come to me and get a stamp on their worksheet.


  • Translation of the Japanese on the worksheet:
    'How to play: First, decide your character and then interview loads of your friends. Play janken to decide who will ask their opponent first.
    何回も聞く.. Ask many times
    相手のキャラクター分かったら.. If you figure out your opponents character
    何も持ってない場合 In the case that you have nothing

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