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Go: JHS GrammarWhat Time Bank Opens


SUBMITTED BY: Ashton Simmonds

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Englipedia's What Time Is It in England



EXAMPLE: What time is it now?

DATE ADDED: Jan 17, 2011


                          Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


30 min.

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Brief Outline: This is an info gap game with a bingo twist at the end.


Materials Needed:


Detailed Explanation:

  1. After breaking the class into pairs, students write the nine shop names randomly in their worksheet boxes. Then, have them practice in pairs various target question/answer: "What time does the _____ open?" "It opens at..."
  2. Hand out a shop card to each student. (see shop card worksheet)
  3. The goal is to enter all the times on the worksheet by students walking around and asking/answering each other question/answer.
  4. Once all the students have filled out all the squares, have them return to their seats and play Bingo. You choose random shops and times the shops open and the students listen and mark their square if they have the matching time in their square. First to bingo, wins! 


Teaching Suggestions:

  • Get students to cut out the cards themselves.

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