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GRAMMAR: Conjunction

EXAMPLE: I was sleeping when you called last night.

DATE ADDED: 05-25-08


                           Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


50 min. +

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Brief Outline: Students make sentences using the conjunction 'when' and then play a game as a class.


Materials Needed:

Detailed Explanation:

  1. Let's Write:
    Students make sentences using the pictures on the worksheet. Teachers should check students' sentences. Teachers can consider working through the first question with students as a class to ensure understanding.
  2. Let's Play:
    Teachers should think of a class game: Attack 25, Othello, Castle, Hurricane, PacMania, etc. Students get in groups and teachers shout out a number (#1-20). Give each group 1-2 minutes to come up with a sentence together and then teachers can say "go!" Then the representative of the group will try to be the first to raise his/her hand and say the group's sentence. Points are given to the group(s) with the best sentence or correct sentence.




  • Even though students who are using Total English Textbook, should already know how to use past tense and past continuous verbs, teachers should still review in the beginning of the class.

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