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GRAMMAR: Conjunction

EXAMPLE: When I am in Tokyo, I eat sushi.

DATE ADDED: 12-17-07


                           Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


15-30 min.

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Brief Outline: Interview while playing Janken. 

Materials Needed:


Detailed Explanation:

  1. First, tell students to choose a place/ location. If necessary, write the sentences on the board so the students can follow. For example: “I will go to Tokyo.”
  2. Then ask them to choose a time/date. Ex. “I will go in December.”
  3. Then ask them to choose what they will do when they are at that place. Ex. “When I am in Tokyo, I will go to the library.”
  4. Explain to students that they only need to choose “when I am in ~, I will” or “I will ~ when I am in ~” because these two sentences are the same.
  5. Do a role-play with the JTE. Play Janken and the winner will only be able to ask the questions. The loser cannot ask questions.
  6. For competitive class, the first student to finish wins the game/ stickers/ points.


Teaching Suggestions:

  • Make sure students understand the grammar points “when” and “will.”
  • This worksheet really doesn’t need explaining, however work through each question as a class.
  • Encourage students to choose their own places and things to do (not just copy from the worksheet).



  • Students may just copy off of each other instead of practice speaking.

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