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SUBMITTED BY: Patrick Bickford

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Niigata's English Connection (1993)



EXAMPLE: It is difficult for me to read kanji.

DATE ADDED: 05-10-10


    Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)ÓHuge Classes (40+ Students)Ô


15-20 min.

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Brief Outline: Students listen and try to answer facts about four different countries while practicing the '' grammar point.


Materials Needed:


Detailed Explanation:

  1. Referring to the attached worksheet, the JTE/ALT take turns reading the sentences.  The students are to listen and try to remember the information.
  2. Then, hand out the worksheet and have the students write the verbs for all ten sentences in the column that says, "動詞を下に書く。"
  3. Next, the students have to put an 'X' mark in the country's box where the sentence is true.  For example, "It is difficult for us to eat meat." the students would put an 'X' only in India's box. NOTE: Sometimes, there are more than one option for each sentence.
  4. Finally, go over the answers as a class, using the following pattern: "It is difficult for us to eat meat in India."

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