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SUBMITTED BY: Raymond Corrigan & Michelle Redler


GRAMMAR: 'Which' Question

EXAMPLE:Which bus goes to the school?

DATE ADDED: Dec 20, 2009


                   Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


15-30 min.

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Brief Outline: Students interview each other about various bus routes.


Materials Needed:

  • WhichBusGoes worksheet:
    • B & W (Recommended)
    • Color (For Color you will need to build four different types of worksheets with the pictures provided.  Each worksheet should use one filled-in bus time and the other three bus times should be blank, similar to the picture to the right.)


Detailed Explanation:

  1. Randomly hand out the four different types of worksheets to the students.
  2. Students stand up and roam around the classroom, find a partner and play Janken.
  3. The winner starts by asking, "Which bus goes to the _____?"  If the loser has the information, they respond by saying, "Take bus number ___"  The winner writes the location on their worksheet.  The winner then asks, "How long does it take?" and the loser responds, " It takes ___ minutes." and the winner once again takes notes.  If the loser doesn't have the information on their worksheet, they say, "Sorry, I don`t know." and then go find another partner and repeat the process.
  4. When the four bus locations and times are found the student then returns to their seat and draws the bus routes on their map.
  5. As the students are doing the activity, draw a large-scale map on the chalkboard.  After all the students have finished drawing their maps, ask for volunteers to come to the board and draw the routes.



  • Instead of ONLY the winner getting to ask the question, once the winner is finished asking all his/her questions, have the pair switch roles and the loser is allowed to question the winner.


Teaching Suggestions:

  • This activity is designed for New Horizon (grade 1, pg. 56-57), but it doesn't preclude other textbook users to tweak it for their own purposes. 

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